Town of Milton, Rock County, WI

Notice of Public Budget Hearing




Notice is hereby given, that on Monday November 30th at 6:00pm, at the Milton Town Hall, 23 First Street, Milton, WI a Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget of the Town of Milton in Rock County will be held.  The Proposed Budget is available for inspection by appointment (608)868-2465, at the Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall, 23 First Street, Milton, WI. The following is a summary of the proposed 2021 budget:


REVENUES                          2019 Budget               2020 Budget              


Intergovernmental                   $192,566                     $200,815

License and Permits                $43600                        $40,600

Fines                                        $60,000                       $60,000

Public Charges of Service       $125,500                     $123,500

Recycling                                $267,485                     $281,976

Miscellaneous                          $2,200                         $2,000

Proceeds Long Term Debt      $                                  $

Town Levy                              $                                  $882,774

TOTAL                                  $1,216,754                             $1,591,665               




General Government              $232,135                     $322,612

Public Safety                          $471,535                     $415,469

Public Works/Street lighting  $115,046                     $529,000

Recycling                                $267,485                     $281,976

Liabilities                                $12,625                       $10,000

Miscellaneous                          $3,350                         $3500

General Fund                          $0                                $29,108
Loan Payments                       $                                  $0

Debt Service Interest              $                                  $0

TOTAL                                  $1,107,545                 $1,591,665                  


Immediately following completion of the public hearing on the proposed 2021 budget, a special town meeting of the electors called pursuant to Section 60.12 of WI Statutes by the Town Board will be held for the following purpose:


To adopt the 2020 tax levy to be paid in 2021 by resolution, pursuant to Section 60.10(1)(a) of Wisconsin Statutes.


The Town Board will adopt the 2021 Budget following the Electors approval of the items listed above. 


                                                                                    Dated this 5th day of November, 2020

Marcy Granger, Town Clerk/Treasurer


Posted: November 5th, 2020  

First Community Bank, Milton

Historic Lake House Inn, Milton

Milton Town Hall- Town’s website.