Town of Milton, Rock County, WI

Application for renewal of Class B Fermented Malt and Intoxicating Liquor and Class C Wine

The following applicants have applied for a renewal of their Combination Class B Fermented Malt and Intoxicating Liquor License in the Town of Milton, Rock County.



Pope’s Buckhorn Supper Club II, dba Buckhorn Supper Club (Shelley Pope agent)
11802 N. Charley Bluff Road, Milton, WI 53563


The Beacon Inn LLC- (Samantha Starck, Agent)                                                  

11601 N. Lake Street, Milton, WI 53563     


Capone’s Cellar-Yvette Harris, (Yvette Harris, Agent)                           
11440 N. Ridge Rd.  Edgerton, WI 53534   


JR’s Pub-JR’s Pub Inc (Carol Eidukas, Agent)                                                                       
11624 N Nelson Street, Milton, WI 53563    


Lucy’s Hideaway LLC (Michael Jacobson-Agent)                                                                
5847 E County Road N, Milton, WI 53563  


Pettit’s Lakeview Campground, LLC (Jacob Pettit-Agent)
1901 E. Hwy 59, Milton, WI 53563 


P Soup Enterprises LLC, dba Phil’s Pub and Banquet  ( Philip Supel- agent)

1801 E. Hwy 59, Milton, WI 53563                         


Snuffy’s Still-Snuffy’s Still Inc. (Cheryl Hirschfield, Agent)                    

3538 E. County Road N, Milton, WI 53563  


The Stagecoach Inn-Sean Shinkay, Inc (Sean Shinkay-Agent)                            

6396 E County Line Rd, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538           


The 59ER LLC-59ER (Stacey Babiarz, Agent)                                      
2204 E. Vincent Road, Milton, WI 53563       


Historic Lake House Inn- (Jeffrey Kruckenberg, Agent)
1612 E. Hotel Drive, Edgerton, WI 53534            


Renewal Class C Wine and Class B Fermented Malt      

Blackhawk RV Resort-Sherwood Forest Licensing Corp (Ralph Kratochvil, Agent)

3407 E. Blackhawk Drive, Milton, WI 53563                                                        

Renewal Class C Wine and Class B Fermented Malt                                                

Lakeland Campground-Sherwood Forest Licensing Corp, (Ralph Kratochvil, Agent)

2803 E. State Road 59, Milton, WI 53563         

This notice is given pursuant to Section 125.04(3)(g) W.S.


These applications will be considered at the Town Board meeting to be held on Monday, June 8th, 2020, starting at 6:00pm at the Milton Town Hall, 23 First Street Milton, WI, Rock County.



All licenses expire 6/30/2021