Town of Milton, Rock County, WI

Application of Zoning Change-Longhenry




 Please take notice that a public hearing will be held at the Milton Town Hall, 23 First Street, Town of Milton, Rock County, WI beginning at 6:00pm, on Monday, January 14th, 2019 to consider the following change:

 Application of Richard A Longhenry Revocable Trust, 2545 E M H Townline Rd, Milton, WI, for a land division and Zoning change from A-1 to A-3 for 3.6 acres that will be sold/transferred to Mr Longhenry’s son to build a new home. The remaining 146.45 acres will remain A-1. Parcel 6-13-240.02; 150.05 acres; SW ¼ (EXC 1.38A IN SE COR S OF RR (EXC RR) (EXC CSM 28-235) & CERTIFIED SURVEY MAP #1710844 VOL 28 PG 235-238 W 50’ LOT 2 (EXC CSM 38-293), Section 32, in the Town of Milton.


 Any person interested and/or affected by this change will be given a chance to express their opinions at this time.  The Milton Town Board and Planning and Zoning will hold a meeting to review this request.


                            Dated this 13th day of December, 2018

                                                Marcy Granger, Town Clerk