Town of Milton, Rock County, WI

Badger Books for 2023

INTRODUCING “BADGER BOOK” – ELECTRONIC POLL BOOKS! We will start using electronic poll books “Badger Book” in 2023.  This change will be minimal to voters, as our polling place will be set up the same as before. The biggest change voters will experience on Election Day is that electronic poll books will replace the paper version, and voters will sign their names electronically. 


  • They are poll books. They check in voters and produce a voter number on a slip of paper for each voter.
  • They are also used to register voters, and to process absentee ballots.
  • When voters check in, they will give their names and addresses to the election inspectors, just as they have in the past. The only difference will be that the inspectors will be looking up voter names electronically, rather than in paper poll books. Voters’ signatures will still be required, but voters will sign their names on an electronic screen using their fingers or a stylus, rather than in the paper poll book.


  • They are not voting machines – you can’t cast votes on them. Voting will continue to be done on paper ballots.
  • They are not vote tabulators – they don’t count votes. The vote tabulation process will not change.
  • They are not connected to the internet or any other outside source. They are connected to a server through a router within each polling place that allows the books to talk to each other. They communicate only with each other.

For more information please watch the video link below: